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A VOD Service and sales Centre is never far from you


VOD Visual Co Limited is a global leader in fine pitch LED display technology designing, developing and manufacturing all aspects of our products for total quality assurance.

Our advanced technological solutions and set the standards in 16:9, fully front service, cableless and convenient to use and install, frameless solutions have set the standards where others try to follow.

Pioneers in COB, Flip Chip, Cold and Common Cathode technologies which can be applied to any of our modules of which any pixel pitch can fit any cabinet making all our products completely futureproof.

With regional offices in Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Dubai, a factory in China and a head office and assembly in the UK, we can offer round-the-clock sales, technical support and installation services.

  • Fixed Installs 80% 80%
  • Rental 50% 50%
  • Customised 40% 40%

Highly advanced production machinary and high quality components ensures all our products are of the best quality in the market. In factory  control systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 also ensure our high quality product, but also the health & safety of our workers.

10,000 square metres, 30 high speed SMT machines to supply up to 5000 square metres of LED displays a month

CE,FCC, ETL, RoHS, TUV… Certified, to name but a few

Experience VOD Visual

At VOD Visual we are dedicated to providing the best in customer orientated support not only throughout the sales and installation process, but also the life of your product. . Being a British based company, industrious engineering is in our genes and this echoes troughout our product range.

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