28.5" Narrow Pixel Pitch

The Vision

This is the 28.5″ Vision

8 : 9 Fully front maintenance fine pixel pitch LED display.


More Muscle In Every Millimetre

Now equipped with fourth-generation receiver cards, Vision is more vibrant and greener than ever. From daily tasks like video conferencing and presentations to large scale interactive AI visualisations, you can breeze through any tasks in stunningly beautiful details.


Power and Performance
On a whole new scale.

The Colour Is Even Brighter Than Ever

The new Vision is re-engineered with the latest LED technologies (Flip Chip – Common Cathode) in concert with advanced thermal management and power/signal redundancy. And it all comes to life on the brightest and most colourful LED display VOD has ever seen. So you get an even more immersive experience — and a scintillating new way to take it all in.

Intelligent Low Power Consumption Design

MD1263 Series can be optional with common-cathode or common-anode, intelligent data storage function can be customized.

Alot can happen in 58mm

Unique Design
Advanced Engineering

VOD has always pushed the limits of form and function. The new Vision includes the most radical engineering design filled with advanced LED technologies that take power and performance to a whole new level.

Display Panel



Aspect Ratio


edge to edge

Re-engineered in no small way

Up to


gray scale levels


Up to


nits brightness


Up to


refresh rate

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