27.5" Narrow Pixel Pitch

The Genesis

Start Something New

16 : 9 Fully front maintenance fine pixel pitch LED display.


Product appearance

Cabinets and modules are separatedly packed, first install cabinets and then install modules. Cabinets and modules are wireless connected. Smart adjust: unique alignment features ensure the video wall is perfectly aligned and seamless, the flatness tolerance of screen is ≤0.1mm.

Power and Performance
On a whole new scale.

User-Level Usage Experience

All parts adopt customized hard connector to realize wireless.
Connection, Internal High lntegration Design, Hot Plug-in Support.
The autonomous connectors are patent protected. The box body can be hoisted or wall mounted for multiple purposes.

Intelligent Low Power Consumption Design

MD1263 Series can be optional with common-cathode or common-anode, intelligent data storage function can be customized.

Low Brightness
With High Gray Scale

The Genesis Series use high quality LED Lamps and PWM drive IC, goes with VOD Visual patented mask and special image arithmetic processing that makes a better colour rendering, colour revivification and better details with excellent gray scale in low brightness mode (100cd/㎡).

HDR High Dynamic &
High Refresh Rate Display

System date polishing process and HOR high dynamic fine imaging can function at low brightness and high gray scale simultaneously, which enhances the level of gray scale, makes scene more real and makes color more corgeous. With anti-gamma correction technology, Dynamic expression of color rendition and 3840Hz high refresh rate is pratical and enjoyable.

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