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The Vivid

Power to change

Say hello to a microLED display that is superlative in every way.
Up to 1200 nits of brightness. An astonishing 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and super wide viewing angle. And Common Cathode technology that far supersedes the power efficiency of traditional LED displays.

Introducing VOD VIVID microLED, the world’s best LED display.


See it in brilliant resolution.

The contrast your eyes see between brightness and darkness is very challenging to reproduce in a LED display, leading to the development of microLED. With breakthrough display performance, VIVID microLED takes brightness, contrast, and colour to a new level.

The beauty of VIVID microLED.
On a whole new scale.


Accuracy. Brightness. Clarity. However you measure the quality of a LED display, VIVID microLED is in a class of its own. The pixel density is so high that you won’t detect a single one, even when viewing it up close. Text is so sharp, you’ll feel you’re reading email and documents on a printed page. And with a new, wider colour gamut, the VIVID microLED display is able to deliver even more colour contrast – 100 times more. So every photo and video you see appears true to life.

1200 nits

peak brightness for
HDR photos and movies


Contrast ratio

Expand your view.

When multiple people review work together on a single screen, it’s critical that everyone sees the same thing. While most LED displays claim a wide viewing angle, in reality, colour and image quality become distorted when seen off-axis.

With industry-leading Flip Chip technology, VIVID microLED achieves a 178° viewing angle that maintains exceptional colour and contrast.

Up to


better off-axis contrast
than a typical LED display

A stunning picture is
only part of the story.

VIVID microLED is dazzling every way you look at it. Its screen stretches edge to edge so your content takes centre stage. The enclosure is just 28 mm thick and features an innovative design that reduces weight and increases airflow.


The colour you shoot is the colour you see.

The world is full of spectacular colours, and the VIVID microLED brings more of them to your screen.  The VIVID microLED shifts away from standard SMD to advanced Flip-Chip (Chip on Board) LEDs. So all three colours: red,  green,  and blue  are more equally represented to show off real-world colour with more balance and precision.


brighter than standard SMD with same power consumption



Show your truest colours.

VIVID  microLED always gives you the truest representation of the photos and videos. A Rec.709 wide colour gamut provides a colour palette capable of creating the most vibrant imagery. With true 16-bit colour, VIVID microLED can produce more than 16.8 million colours with extreme accuracy. State-of-the-art calibration and a sophisticated algorithm ensure that you get the highest quality colour possible.


wide colour gamut

16 bit

colour depth

Fully Customisable.

VIVID microLED’s modular system makes it easy to create custom large-scale display solutions that brings any space to life.

Front Maintenance.

Simplified front access for ease of maintenance and repairability.

VESA Mount Friendly.

Many corporates have unique mounting setups for their displays. The VESA mount adapter attaches to the display in a matter of seconds for quick and easy mounting.

Reduced EMC Interference.

The VIVID series ensures user safety with EMC Class B certification, minimising electromagnetic waves for safe use in addition to the protection of the surrounding working environment. The display protects user health so they can focus on the task at hand with peace of mind.

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